The Airport to Anywhere but the Reunion

Speak your truth.

— A phrase from a book I can’t remember

I was about to step down on the grounds of Davao, Philippines, that afternoon. After a nice flight of 1 hour, I thought I could use a drink. I am a freelance writer anyway, and nobody can nag me from drinking a beer or two on a nice afternoon. Okay, so here’s the deal. The truth is, I needed something to calm down my nerves a nice pair of AirPods would usually do but not now . I am about to go into a reunion party with my elementary classmates. Nothing excites my introverted, semi-confused ass than the idea of meeting witnesses from my adolescence years. 

There’s one curious thing about me, though. I maybe left into my own instruments more often than most normal people would like to, but I am a wanderer. At this point, I was booking a grab car and the thought of going anywhere encompasses every irrational hunger that I have, and yes, that includes beers.

Davao city is an easy place to navigate from hindsight. Davao is not as huge as an average state in America. It’s fairly the size of Metro Manila but cleaner. The place is a tourist destination, so its every nook and cranny seems well-adjusted for tourists. The main language uttered here is “Bisaya” but with a hint of English, “Tagalog”, and vernaculars. Bisaya, English, and Tagalog are the most spoken and written languages in the Philippines (what was at least taught in schools). The majority of Tagalog speakers are in the northern (Luzon) part of the archipelago. The higher you go up north, the better the food. When you go down south, the Bisaya accent grows thicker and louder. I always unconsciously associate the hardened tongue of the south people to the long and redundant war in Mindanao. English is strewn everywhere. People with mouths and no mouths can speak English in the Philippines. The Philippines is very much like its archipelago form; composed of vernaculars but is almost always bonded by the English language (Hello 300 and plus plus years of colonization). 

I frankly thought I could live here after exchanging a friendly conversation with the driver. After all, I did live here for a while but, let’s not go down memory lanes for now. So, there I was, anxiety for the party rocking my soul, about to go inside a hotel. The Marriott hotel was the place to be if you want a quick luxury. My vacation stint in Davao was solely due to the insistence of my best friend from elementary, which I forgot to call until now. She wants me to go to her family’s house in Digos and see me immediately. Digos is far away, though, and what I really need right now is a nap before dinner. 

After that nap, I went down to take my supper and didn’t blink much with all the food I gobbled. I was on my slippers, and people around me had high heels on. They did a double take on me, decided I was not crazy, and resumed their eating. Thank God, because I’m not about to be bugged by anxiety while eating.  

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